Thursday, July 30, 2015


Once the wall in the garage was removed it was time to fill the space.

The 240z had been sitting for about a year, road debris still stuck to the tires.

I had to make 2 trips, but after pushing the z out and taking her home, the wagon was next.

There's an extremely funny story behind the container of oil in the corner, but I'll save that for another day.

Once in the garage for the first night I found an issue. There was a leak in the roof above the cars which I would have to attend to.

It was a great weekend.

I was finally completely moved in.

After the renovations, I was able to fit all my garage things with two beasts slumbering in the back.

One last peak...

Then back outside in the rain.

Haydn apparently told my brilliant new neighbor that we would take his old stereo he was throwing out. It proceeded to get rained on.

It's not a party until the units arrive in their 911 after a 400 mile road trip from the Sunshine State, but with all the work done, all that was left was to rest, which I was grateful for.

wall demo

All hands on deck, I needed some help.

Haydn with his rhd rb25 vert came by, as did bryan did later with his s2k for garage activities.

Before emptying the storage unit of everything, ahem, of datsuns, I needed to make room in my garage.

The garage measures about 17' wide, and about 43' deep, the last 15' or so is in a second room. It looked to me that the wall was not structural, as the ceiling A-frame was the same across the building. It seemed a previous owner simply added structure for the door frame, wall framing, skinned it, and added work benches on the backside.

I have no idea what happened to this photo, but this is what the back room looked like before de-construction.

Cleared off table tops...

...and Boom.

It took many sledging with hammers and sawing with knives and gnashing of teeth.

Time for a break, but not too long, I had left the wall for months and it had yet to remove itself.

We continued destruction by removing the remaining framing.

Care was taken to pry up the electrical lines and to save as much of the bench top as possible to future project use. Some of the wood, especially the tops, seemed very solid, often deflecting direct hits from a 20# hammer with an over the shoulder swing with ease.

After it was done, the wood was removed, some of the panels saved which couldn't be burned at the neighbor's and some found their way to the dump. Now a year later this old wall hasn't moved, but it needs to. Later projects would include removing the remain table tops.

Oddly enough, I just realized today, August 8, through some random photo searches that some photos in this blog were missing. 

Here they are.

That is the complete pile of rubbish that ended up in front of the garage after the weekend activities, and here is the garage being cleaned out from back to front.

Here is the full garage from the back facing front.

Here's more shelving to be removed, as well as a water leak, where the old door used to be mid-garage... well as a random engine.

For a considerable amount of time the rear end parts from the euro z32tt had remained outside. They will need a thorough cleaning before use obviously, but I was finally able to bring them inside, after dragging the pallet across the property.

This is the bench top which would be saved for my future coffee table project.

I removed one of the wood footers to expose the concrete below, which the heavy hardware is set in.

I put the wood back, marking the exposed hardware with red hand towels.