Sunday, November 20, 2011

bin for sale

I've had a plastic tote of stuff sitting around for over a year, possibly two depending on who you ask and how full it was. Either way, I was tired of tripping over it so I decided to list it all on ebay, each item starting at o.o1$ with no reserve.

With a few hours to go it was looking pretty good. I boxed everything with old boxes which had also been sitting around for a significant amount of time. Things had many more watchers than I thought they would, and items that I never thought would sell for any amount of money sold for more than the items I thought would. With the number of bids, questions, and general activity, I had more fun watching these auctions than I ever had with auctions using reasonable start prices and buy-it-now reserves. I think the low starting prices and will-sell settings may have also nudged the final prices up a bit, at least for the smaller items.

The biggest jump came from the first radiator, from 7.5o$ to 127.5o$ in the last few minutes. All my old watches and sunglasses, used and unused, did fantastic, most making it into the 3o$ range each. The only thing that didn't sell was the old slim vaio dvd drive with a sony specific plug for, you guessed it, the old slim vaios that nobody have anymore. The second radiator sold offline to a great couple in Washington who are rebuilding a 1oooRR for 6o$ shipped. Time for Datsun auctions.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

zombie apocalypse

New acquisition, special thanks to work for the award cards. As usual, I researched a significant amount over the last several weeks, possibly to the detriment of everyone within earshot, becoming an expert on features, styles, caliber, barrel length, and general interweb gibber-gabber concerning Glock and Springfield hand guns. I am prepared for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

I narrowed it down to a full frame Glock or Springfield in a 9 or 4o caliber. Each company as it turns out also has two different models of each, 3rd and 4th generation for the Glocks, and XD and XDm for Springfield. Didn't want this to be too easy. The 4th gen Glocks are still few and far between and unavailable to shoot at the range. Supposedly they have more ergo features than it's 3rd gen predecessor, but that wouldn't take much. The XDm is 15o$ more than it's XD counterpart, but why not buy the latest available model from a given manufacturer. The price of the Glocks was right in the middle of the Springfield variants, making it a wash.

XDm comes in a great professional hard plastic case with injection foam molding, all manuals and spent cartage behind the upper foam, (2) magazines, a dual holster for the magazines, a speed loader that slides onto the magazine holster, a gun holster, (3) backstraps including the one on the grip, a gun lock, and mine came with another red trigger lock from Bass Pro. Thanks guys, it fits well in the empty mag slot that's currently loaded in the gun.

XDm features include adjustable backstraps which I have yet to try out, better grips on the grip and slide, aggressive ergo cutouts, active safeties while-not-shooting on the trigger and grip, physical indicators for both cocked and chambered conditions, ambidextrous magazine release if I ever decide to be adventurous, a 4.5" barrel on their full frame, and fixed sights, all with 19+1 capacity. 

(25o) 115 grain 9 mm Remington UMC rounds from Walmart for 6o$. They won't take down a zombie as fast as a hollow point, but they're cheap and from what I hear great for target practice. 9 mm rounds would also be much more readily available in event of said apocalypse, the o.4o in use in far less guns worldwide.

Slick engraving on both Springfield Armory magazines.

From empty clip to full, the speed loader works.

Trust nothing less when zombies are concerned.

XDm feels very comfortable and is easy to point and shoot, it's thinner than the XD and less brick-like than the Glock.

Sure it doesn't have as much stopping force as a o.4o, but there will be 3 more right behind it that will reiterate exactly what the first one said in the same spot. The o.4o had significantly more recoil, increasing re-composure time between shots, and rounds were 1.5 times more expensive while the magazines had 3/4's the capacity. I would rather work on my aim while saving money throwing as many shots as I can down range as fast as possible. The better 9 mm rounds overlap with o.4o round penetration depths, and 1 mm difference in hole diameter isn't going to perpetuate bleeding more than placing a round accurately. That, and it's a well known fact zombies don't bleed.