Wednesday, August 1, 2012

cars and coffee charlotte, july

After scratching enough off the to do list, it was time for a longer shake down test. Cars and Coffee Charlotte was the next day. It was a two hour drive, one way, in 1oo+ degree heat.

To cut to the chase the biggest issues were leaving the house and spilling a soda in the car while trying to fill the tires. Luckily it spilled on the driver side, avoiding all the wires, battery, relays, connections, and switches on the passenger side, but it still took time to clean dry. We then had to spend some time rummaging through Haydn's bolt box to get some appropriately sized seat belt mounting hardware before pushing off.

Haydn and I left together from greenville, meeting Brian (YES, another one, spelt differently but pronounced the same) and his mazda a few towns away.

Some nice rolling shots of the mazda hatchback.

Only one of Haydn and Jessica for some odd reason, but I have more parked below.

I like this one above.

As I said, even with the high outside temps, everyone made the two hour trek without incident.

Then we started wandering around. Another nice red one ...

Followed by some nice tail lights some of you may recognize.

And a clean evo.

I may or may not have stolen all the above pics from f*book. Thanks guys.

Below, my favorite car of the show, an sr2o swapped 510. Super clean.

THAT is exactly what I want for my wagon. I met the owner briefly when I pulled in but didn't get a chance to discuss his masterpiece. Hopefully he shows up at the next event and maybe we can arrive a bit earlier. SO CLEAN.

What is this one? It's like a two door wagon with a super long hood.

Massive contact patch.

There were a few hundred cars there, largest show I've been to in a while. It was fun to make the ride and meet some new friends.

This next evo isn't the one above, but look closely, some may recognize the welding and tubing style. Before leaving the event someone approached me who recognized my exhaust manifold, not from pictures, but because he made it!

I bought my manifold and downpipe used from more than several years ago. I lived in a different state then, and it came from that many more states away. The owner was moving on, and the builder was already once removed. A few moves and years later I end up in sc and bring the 24o to a monthly event in nc. The builder just happened to park one caddy corner parking spot away from me! Apparently he ended up in nc, at the same show, the same day I decided to take the 24o for a ride. Thanks James for the awesome manifold!

I still can't believe it.

We went to lunch in charlotte after the show. It was very hot during and en-route home, but good times had by all.