Saturday, June 22, 2013

life stored

I moved. Get over it.

Anyone want more parts? I've got 5 upper suspension mounts, all 24o z thickness. And before you ask, only 5 because 3 did not make it through disassembly with a torch and chisel. These came out by hand and 4, the ones that came off the new 24o shell, look brand new.

As a side note, the 28o z fronts are identical to the ones found on a 24o, but for some reason they increased the thickness in the rear on the later models. When you cut the height, it's good to simply swap them out with the earlier versions, lowering the rear making it level with the front without wasting an inch of coilover travel. If using non-adjustable lowering springs, this mount swap should actually be in the install instructions as the pre-req step, assuming anything on these cars came with instructions.

Wagon towed to the empty 1o x 3o storage unit, carefully tucked in the rear corner.

Bikes waiting their turn.

One truck load down. Garage furniture, wagon parts, z parts, bike parts, tools...

... and a 24o.

Anyone want a tempurpedic queen sized split box spring  and  adjustable,  to king size,  bedframe with corner and center supports?

After a long day, I relaxed at yet another Greenville cars and coffee. As always, great event, everyone in the area should come. Didn't take many photo's, but here's a pair of clean mustangs passed on my way.

... I'm out.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

that columbia show

This is what a caravan should be.

After the somewhat painful experience with the z caravan, I was looking forward to this one, even if the show itself left something to be desired.

The car was pretty sketchy with the techno toy tuning rod on one side and the oem on the other for the ride home. I quickly bought the correct sized cross and anchor bolts for the passenger side tc rod and installed the t3 bar again. The anchor nut fit and sat fine, but the cross nut was standard thickness and looked like it sat close to the body. If the rod rotated around I could imagine it hitting /touching /encroaching things it shouldn't at some point. The original nut was much thinner, I'm assuming for the clearance, or lack thereof. I also used the standard washers, note without shoulders machined into them, on the aft side since the original was where I was abandoned the week before. I'm not bitter, I promise. 

I'll get more into this specifically in a later entry, but don't use normal washers.

Car was ready to go, I have some video from this trip but the camera moved around a bit, murdered some bugs, and wasn't generally entertaining when simply cruising down the highway. That and I hadn't gotten the extra battery pack yet, but I'll try to post some clips later.

Met up in the am with the crew - Haydn's rb2o rhd s13 vert, Deepak's full suspension vq s14 with the loudest exhaust imaginable, along with Powell's purple accented soon to be replaced by an s14 mazda.

No events on the way left time to have fun playing with walkie talkies.

Once there, we quickly had lunch and came out. The mall seemed all but shut down, with not much even open in the canteen. There weren't as many cars as advertised, but there were some nice swaps, cool wheels, and fun paints. The others were disappointed at said turnout, but after I was left on the side of the road the previous week, I was super excited to just have a fun day out with everyone.

I may have to pick up an old truck when I come back to the states.

Where'd that damn turbo get too this time...

Pictures of pictures!

Mom - can't find the long straight one from the erector set ...

... but a catch-can after my own heart!

Clean 37o z.

I know there's an s13/parts joke here somewhere.

Found a few pictures and flair to capture. This would run rampant at our ia2013 atlanta show once I catch up to real life.

We quickly worked our way around the almost empty parking lot, so on the way back through I took some shots of the oldies but goodies.

Back to real life...

Still working on the panoramas and keeping them level.

Look carefully at the next few shots.

Both of the above engines are rb25's, but the second car has covers from an rb26. It's a very clean job, with even the 6 being machined (maybe) and painted to become a 5. I thought this was cool, but seemed like a lot of work. I talked to the owner a bit, finding out that the entire swap was to enable fitment of different coil packs under the cover that the rb25 cover wouldn't clear.

There comes a point when I would consider simply not using a plug cover, probably much sooner than the difficult task of replacing the valve covers, timing cover, and associated parts. But as I said, two thumbs up from me, that's clean.

Great ride back.

Interior still depressing as ever, but views outside made up for it.

Didn't find many pictures of our cars on the interwebs, but here's two that I ripped.