Saturday, June 27, 2015

cadet prep 2

After eating a healthy lunch and taking a needed break, I went back to disconnecting everything between the motor and the chassis.

Above was all the current conditions of the charcoal canister, vacuum lines, grounds, clips, grommets and/or guides at the front of the engine. I then removed them.

Disconnect the upper radiator hose, I believe the lower was already done and the fluid drained the morning proceeding.

Break the OEM seal between the radiator and core support.

Remember to disconnect the overflow line, and raise the radiator and fan shroud from the car.

This was me remembering to drain the gear oil from the transmission. I may have said I already did that, in which case we'll just say that this began earlier and was happening concurrently. Just make sure you drain the radiator fluid prior to radiator removal.

Vacuum lines, ground, and o2 sensor at the rear passenger side of the motor.

Heater hoses below to be pulled from firewall bulkhead fittings.

These may have been the same tubes I was removing the band clamps from on the sr20 which I couldn't for the life of me remember what I was using a socket wrench for in this general vicinity while blogging in my apparent hallucinogenic state in SG recently. In my defense, I was sick and on heavy medication while jet lagged on the other side of the world. Literally. 

Fuel lines and throttle cable linkages to be disconnected back on the driver side.

As per standard operating procedure, bust knuckles.

Return focus back to the passenger side and begin to remove a/c compressor and power steering pump.

Release front power steering line bracket as on the sr20 so the lines don't get kinked and are free to move.

Release tensioner.

Remove power steering belt.

Yes, all nuts and bolts can be accessed, sometimes you just have to be creative.

Pull power steering pump off to the side and tie it as much out of the way as possible with care to not damage fittings or lines.

Start to remove a/c compressor. As you can see, there is no belt on it currently. I've already ordered a new one and hope to be installing it soon to verify a/c system function.

Once removed from its mounts, tie the a/c compressor in a similar location to the power steering pump.

Take a step back and assess.

I love checking things off a work to do list. Apparently I had already disconnected the slave cylinder from the transmission as well as everything already stated.

Here are all the parts carefully stored inside the car, including the labeled bags of hardware.


And pano...

The brilliant space behind my flat was invaluable.

The sun was starting to set so I decided to call it a day and walk down the street for the best Thai food I've ever had, served by a the most amazing lady who may not have spoken much english, but understood my pointings and hunger needs very well. 

One more prep day and she would be ready.